I was born in Canada as a child of the 1980’s with the soul of the 1940's. The product of a hippie father and a mother with borderline OCD, I certainly managed to maintain a sense of humor. I can draw, I can sing, I can marathon an entire television series in one sitting - but I can’t cook. No seriously, even making a piece of toast in my home is an event. But what I lack in this practical household talent I make up for in creativity.

I began my professional career as a certified makeup artist which I’ve done for over a decade, stemming from what I believe to be an intense desire as a five year old girl to become Dolly Parton. Makeup Artistry has allowed me to meet many different people with my work on independent films, fashion photography shoots and weddings. But I never stopped itching to learn more about my own creative desires. I decided to return to school for an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design at Santa Barbara City College. I thoroughly enjoyed my studies and the work associated with graphic design, yet at the same time found myself drawn once again to an old favorite hobby - editing.

I learned to edit on a linear editing system with cassette tapes and an editing controller at my High School and kept at it all throughout my life. I had fallen in love with editing, turning me in to one of "those" people that goes to the movies early to be able to see the film trailers before the feature. I began editing and re-editing film trailers for film and television programs for fun and developed a passionate love affair with darkened editing bays. I was given the opportunity to apprentice with Scott Shiffman and have worked with Venture Visuals on a number of different projects, strengthening my experience editing in the industry.

I am organized, thorough, and I have an eye for detail. Moreover, I can handle critiques and criticism with aplomb due to my desire to produce a product completely in line with the goals and vision of the concept. I can wrangle tough projects, adapt to business needs and design something memorable and lasting.

But if you’re looking for a delicious casserole, I’m sorry to have wasted your time.